Worst and Rudest Transportation Company


Worst experience ever, and so unprofessional. We had a car scheduled for 7:45 am – it never showed up. We call, and he says, “Oh, you’re not on the list.” I get transferred to someone else. He says, “Wait there! The driver will be there soon.” Extremely abrasive and rude. Well, the driver never showed up, so I called again, and they said it would be another 10 minutes. The driver storms into the airport arrival area, yells my name at the top of his lungs and he says, “come with me.” We get to the car, he makes us load our own luggage, and we proceed to the AirBnB. During the drive, he’s taking calls, texting and is even on-line. Ridiculous. The company doesn’t give him the right address, so he groans when I tell him the correct one. Once we get to the condo, he literally throws our bags onto the wet concrete and tells my friends “hurry up and go!” Yes, I’m not kidding, he actually said that. Not sure what we did to make him so mad, but he was not happy. Worst experience and impression of Iceland. I’ve never had a worse experience, couldn’t believe it. Instead of spending $250 on a car for 5 people with this company, take a bus. They are very friendly and a much, much more reliable form of transportation. Hope this helps!


What effect do their dealings with the service desk have on the client?

What is the effect on tourists of poor service when they arrive in the country?

How could the driver have given better service?

Is it possible to give good service with a limited grasp of the language?

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