We arrived at the airport and the driver was nowhere to be found.


After a long flight, we arrived at the airport and the driver was not at the arrival centre. We called a number and were given the driver’s cell. He told us he had us in his car! Well, I guess he had picked up the wrong people. He told us to sit tight, and he would drop them off and return in about 45 minutes. It was too late in the evening to get a shuttle, and we had prepaid, so we waited… and waited… and waited…. 90 minutes later and still no driver and no answer on his cell. We called the main number again, and to his credit we were told to just order a cab and they would pay the fare. However, this was a very unprofessional experience.


Does it make a difference at what stage of the holiday a customer experiences poor service, e.g. on arrival in the country, as in the above case?

How can such mistakes be avoided?

How could the driver have reacted when the mistake was discovered?

Should the people who answered on the main office number have followed the matter up?

What effect can this kind of service have on tourists‘ experience of the country?

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