Pickup at the airport


Our pickup at Keflavik airport was a disaster! We told them that our flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:55 am, but we were booked for a noon departure. The driver did arrive at that time, but rushed out in a hurry, leaving us to deal with our luggage. We did our best to keep up and found that he had parked right at the back of a parking lot. When we arrived near (NOT at) our hotel, he just pointed up the street to indicate where it was, even though other minivans were able to pick up and drop off passengers right in front of the hotel. We deeply regretted booking a round trip with the same agency! Luckily for us, the return trip to Keflavik airport was far better. We were collected at the appointed time by a courteous driver, right in front of our hotel. He helped us with our luggage both at the hotel and at the airport. Clearly a mixed experience for us, but one we urge others not to repeat.
I must congratulate the online support team. We were informed that our departing flight was delayed, so we missed our connection. They responded promptly and helpfully and were willing to change the date of the transfer.
It just does not make sense that a company that takes such good care of their clients online can provide such an awful service in practice.


What effect does the driver´s manner have on the passengers?

What part does a knowledge of languages play in customer relations?

Is it important for a driver to make an effort to meet customer‘needs?

Is it important that a driver provides information about the destination and that he is familiar with the route?

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