One bad experience reflects on another


Northern lights by land. Unfortunately, we did not see the northern lights during our trip. The first night the trip was cancelled, the second evening we went but did not see anything, and the third evening it was cancelled again. We understand that this is obviously not the fault of the bus company, and we just had bad luck. However, we do think in hindsight that another trip would have been better. You are taken to a car park with around 6-7 other coaches, which does not make the experience as memorable as it might be. Weather conditions were poor, and we overheard the guides discussing this right from the start. We felt that perhaps they could have driven to another location to try there, if they knew there was no chance at the first one. Perhaps this would be easier in smaller minibuses or a jeep and would offer more flexibility. Therefore, next time we would book a northern lights tour as a smaller, more personal experience. Perhaps offering hot chocolate or cookies included in the price would mean that if you don’t see the lights at least you get something for your money, not just a bus ride!!
Overall, we would definitely recommend this company for transport to the airport, the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle, but would take a northern lights tour in a jeep to make it a more personal and special experience, with more chance of catching the lights!


Is it important to compensate customers when an experience does not come up to their expectations?

What could have been done to prove that they actually intended to find northern lights?

Would it be better if fewer buses parked together in one place?

Do smaller vehicles offer more flexibility?

What effect does one negative experience have on an otherwise good level of service?

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