No northern lights and no refund


Prior to our four-day trip to Iceland, we pre-booked several excursions and activities, including a northern lights experience. Unfortunately, our northern lights excursion was cancelled on the day, due to poor weather conditions. Disappointing, but quite understandable, and we accept that there is no guarantee that you will get to see them.
We received an email notification of the cancellation from the tour operator, and the message went on to say we needed to email them should we wish to join the tour on the following night. I emailed back to them the same afternoon, saying that, regretfully, we would be unable to go on the tour the following night, as we had other plans, and a very early start the following morning, as we were departing for home. In fact, we found out that the tour was cancelled again the next night, too.
I emailed asking for a refund. No response. I emailed again the following day. No response. Now, 5 days and 5 emails later, still absolutely no response or acknowledgement of my emails. I expect the tour company probably has many refunds to process. However, they are very quick to take your money when you book your tour.
Just very poor service indeed – no refund or explanation (so far). So, beware fellow travellers. It is probably better to book on the day if the sky is looking clear.


Is it important to reply to customers promptly?

What benefits are there in not refunding customers for a trip that is cancelled?

What effect can complacency have on the business‘s reputation?

What could a staff member have done differently?

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