Great tours but much too long


We did a few of these tours when we were in Iceland, as they were part of our package. One of these was the northern lights by boat. We would not do this again. Too many people and too crowded. People were rude and only cared about their own experience and photos. You stay out for too long. However, we did have some cool experiences. We also did the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour, which was good but too long for one day. They should have broken this up in to two separate days, as it resulted in our being out from 8:30am-10pm, which was way too long. The Golden Circle tour also included some cool places, but they made us stop at a tomato farm, which we felt was a waste of time and money and just an attempt to get you to buy things. Some very cool experiences but improvements could be made to the tours we went on.


Does the number of people on a tour affect the experience?

How important are organization and scheduling?

Is it important that the descriptions of the trip and the timing are accurate and adhered to?

Are foreign travel agents sufficiently familiar with the conditions in Iceland to organize trips?

What is the best solution when tourists want to do both the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon? Are some tourists‘ expectations realistic?

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