Excellent glacier experience


This company was excellent! We booked a trip for January to the ice caves on Langjökull Glacier. We were transported to the glacier base camp. Our tour guide was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable about the area, the glacier and the creation of the cave, and he had a great sense of humour! He answered all our questions, whether they were technical about the trip or random about Iceland. Both he and the driver of our monster truck monitored our safety and comfort several times. There were guests of all ages, including young children, and the guide was great with everyone!!
After two hours of driving, we reached the base camp. There the climb started in a truck specially designed for the glacier. The tyres of this truck have an inflation regulation mechanism and it can be driven even if there is zero visibility, using specialised apps and GPS.
The guides provided shoes and crampons. The caves and man-made tunnels are well maintained. Sunset at the exit of the caves will remain etched in our memories forever. A short blizzard punctuated our return to the base camp. The truck made the travellers feel so safe that most of them were snoring, possibly reminiscing about the journey in their dreams.


How do the weather and driving conditions affect the tourists‘ experience?

How important is equipment?

Is concern for the passengers important in special conditions?

What created a strong feeling of security and well-being among the passengers in these conditions?

How can drivers and staff members meet the needs of different age groups?

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