Everything was fine, until…


We booked a three-day holiday in Iceland. Everything was fine. Then came the northern lights trip. Having been let down on two previous nights, on our last night we went out to see the lights. Now it’s not rocket science – if we sit under clouds and light pollution, we aren’t going to see anything. So, the 4 coaches all decided to sit in a car park, yes, you guessed it, under clouds and light pollution. We stay there for almost 2 hours, no suggestion of changing location, just coaches full of disappointed, out of pocket customers. On the way back to the hotel, the guide did not say a word, but just laughed and joked loudly with the coach driver, probably at our expense. I have told our travel office all about this and have suggested they do not use these guides again; they basically spoiled the holiday with their lack of duty of care and effort. Of course, as we later learned, other excursions saw good light displays at other locations on all three nights. My advice would be to create your own itinerary and book with a smaller local company to find the lights.


Would it have been possible to communicate better with the tourists. Is it important to explain the choice of location, for example?

How might it have been possible to give the tourists a positive experience, in spite of not seeing northern lights?

Should the tour guide have told the tourists the jokes which he and the driver were laughing at? What is the extent of the tour guide´s and driver´s duties of service?

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