Trip to a geothermal spa


Our trip to the pool was booked as a package by the travel company. We had been told previously to be at a particular bus stop at 12.30, so we were there by 12.15 to be on the safe side.
We checked each bus that came in, to see if it was ours (apparently they sometimes use ‘partner’ companies). After waiting for over an hour, my friend went into our hotel and asked them to phone and inform the company, which they did.
‘Were we at the right stop?’ – ‘Yes!’.
They told us to catch the next bus in a few minutes. Another half hour passed. No bus, so my friend returned to the hotel, where reception phoned again, and we were told they would send a car – it was a minute away. Another half an hour passed – still nothing.
We both returned to the hotel, by which time we were extremely cold and had missed our time slot at the lagoon.
I spoke to someone in the office who said she had GPS proof that the vehicles had come but we had not been there. I refuted this and asked why I would have rung repeatedly if this were the case, and she implied that I was lying. Appalling customer service. Thanks only to our travel agent, it was rearranged for another day. On talking to other travellers on various days, it became apparent that we were not the only people this had happened to. We would not use them again.


Do there need to be signs at bus and taxi stops?

How should the bus be marked?

Do vehicles need to show both the name of the company and the destination?

What effect does the response of the member of staff who answers the telephone have?

How could this problem have been solved?

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