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Staff within the EEA

The countries of the European Economic Area are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Romania. Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and the Faroe Islands.

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Employer portal

EEA confirmation of the employer's employment contract.

The employer must log in to the employer's portal and fill in a confirmation on the employment relationship with the applicant no later than 30 days after the employee has submitted an application for an ID number.

Employment contract and certificate of period of employment in Iceland

The employer fills in the employment contract and the employee signs the contract

Here you can also find a certificate of period of employment for the employee when he/she finishes his/her job and requests a certificate.

Form of employment contract for foreign nationals who come to Iceland to work is accessible on the website of the Directorate of Labourthe. On the SA markets website, members of the Association of Icelandic Employers can also access various forms of employment in English.

Social Security number

The employee applies for an ID number and the employer signs the application

Special attention is drawn to the fact that the employer must confirm an application form by signing it that the applicant is in paid job.

If the stay is longer than three months, an EEA / EFTA citizen must apply for an ID number at the Icelandic National Registery.

If the stay is less than three months, the employee applies for a so-called system ID number and for that an application at one of the Tax Office's must be filled in. please keep in mind to bring a passport or travel document when visiting the Tax Office in Iceland.

An EEA / EFTA citizen must apply for an ID number by registering in the National Register of Iceland.

The application must include a copy / photo of a passport or a valid ID that has at least 6 months of validity, a birth certificate and a marriage certificate.

The applicant / employee must fill in the application themselves and provide their own e-mail address, as the registration certificate will be sent by e-mail after registration.

The applicant can apply before arriving in Iceland, but the application is not confirmed until all documents have been received and the applicant has arrived at the place of registration (Borgartún 21, 105 Reykjavík) and presented an original passport and other documents.

The applicant must be employed by an Icelandic legal entity and his salary must meet the minimum subsistence requirements.

The system ID is for ESS / EFTA citizens or citizens of one of the Nordic countries who are going to work paid work in Iceland for less than 3 months. A tax card is issued following the issuance of a system ID number.

The system ID does not grant any rights in Iceland and does not confirm the right to reside. 

Bank account

The employee opens a bank account

To be able to open a bank account, the person in question must have an ID number. A bank can be opened account with the help of electronic ID or by making an appointment at a branch where you help will be provided applying for an electronic ID.

Ice key - electronic ID

The employee must have an ID number before applying for an ice key.

An ice key is password based and is linked to the individual's ID number. It is important for an employee to have an ice key/electronic ID to be able to log in to the websites of institutions, municipalities, associations and companies with which he/she communicates wirh due to his / her work in Iceland.

An ice key in can be obtained in an online bank or at the National Registry of Iceland, Borgartún 21. You can also order an ice key from a service provider, Digital Iceland

Health insurance

An employee announces the transfer

Individuals who move to Iceland are responsible for reporting the transfer to Sjúkratryggingar Íslands.

Criminal record certificate from home country

At the request of the employer, the employee must submit a criminal record certificate issued by the home country. A criminal record certificate must not be older than 12 months when it is submitted. A copy of the criminal record may be submitted and is not required to be legally certified. If there is reason to do so, the Directorate of Immigration may request a certified original of the criminal record or that criminal records be submitted from more countries than the country of residence.

Workplace certificate

The employer shall prepare or have prepared a workplace certificate for the employees, which contains the information specified in the Act on Workplace Certificates and Workplace Inspections and the agreement between ASÍ and SA.

Further information on the type and content of the workplace certificates can be found on the website There are also forms for workplace certificates and information about parties that offer plastic card printing.

Recognition of foreign professional rights

The employee applies

Applicants for assessment and recognition of foreign vocational education need to turn to the Iðan Education Centre (Inga Birna Antonsdóttir,

Iðan training centre is only responsible for assessing the professional rights of food industries and for service. Applicants must have completed a minimum of three years of study and three years of work experience after graduation to have their rights assessed. Other education, such as hotel management, is assessed by the University of Iceland.

Moving from Iceland

The employee is responsible, but the employer informs the employee.

Relocation from Iceland must be notified to the National Register of Iceland within seven days of departure. See further information on the Multicultural Information Centre's website about what needs to be done while the employee is still in Iceland.

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