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Material and information that is useful in receiving new staff

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On the website of the Tourism Competence Center, you will find educational material, videos, courses and good advice for the tourism industry. When receiving new staff, the following materials are used:

  • Reception of new staff - 5 practical tips for managers
  • The education portal - a selection of courses offered by various educators. Companies can apply for grants for education and training from the vocational training funds of the business sector, see
  • The glossary - a glossary of common words used in tourism and can facilitate communication in the workplace. You can practice anywhere and anytime.
  • Rights and obligations of employees - all the main information on the rules that apply Icelandic labor market

Before an employee arrives in the country

Does the company have an environmental policy, a human resources policy, an equality plan, a safety policy, an employee handbook or other material that is useful to the employee? Introduce the employee to all available information about the company and prepare colleagues for his arrival. See more Reception of new staff - 5 practical tips for managers.

Refer the employee to "Foreign staff - recruitment process " and prepare together, who does what.

If the employee is a citizen outside the EEA / EFTA, the employer can submit applications for work and residence permits together with supporting documents to the Directorate of Immigration before the employee arrives in Iceland.

If the employee is a citizen of the EEA / EFTA, he can apply for an ID number before entering the country. However, the application is not confirmed until all documents have been received and the applicant has arrived at the place of registration.

Prohibition of discrimination

With Act on Equal Treatment in the Labor Market clearly prohibits all discrimination against persons in the labor market, whether direct or indirect, inter alia on the basis of race or ethnic origin.


Individuals, companies, institutions or associations that believe that the provisions of the Act have been violated may, in their own name or on behalf of their members, apply, as appropriate. the Equality Complaints Committee.


Further information on non-discrimination


A clear distinction must be made between unpaid work in economic activities on the one hand and unpaid community work (voluntary work) on the other.


Volunteer according to immigration law is an individual over the age of 18 who intends to work unpaid for non-profit organizations that work for charity or humanitarian causes, are not run for profit and are exempt from tax. It is permissible to deviate from the condition that work is done for a recognized non-governmental organization if the goal of a specific project is truly for humanitarian and charitable purposes.


See more about unpaid work / "volunteer work" at ASÍ's labor law website og statement of SA and ASÍ due to volunteers from 2016.



Temporary staffing and foreign service companies must register electronically with the Directorate of Labor as well as provide information about their staff who work in this country.

More information at the website of the Directorate of Labor and on ASÍ's labor law website.

How do I advertise a job at EURES, a European employment service? (questions and answers on the website of the Directorate of Labor)

If an employer wants to advertise with EURES for the purpose of seeking applications from jobseekers from countries within the EEA / EFTA, this is the same process as when advertising a general job on the Directorate of Labour's website, see further answer regarding job registration at the Directorate of Labor. The thing to keep in mind if an employer wants to advertise your job at EURES Employment Agency is to check it specifically on my pages. When the employer has finished registering a job on my site, a EURES Adviser at the Directorate of Labor will contact you and review the registration with the employer in more detail, making sure that all information is available before the advertisement is published on the website. EURES jobs are always advertised with Icelandic and English subtitles and EURES Advisers can assist employers with English translation. EURES jobs are advertised on the Directorate of Labour's website and on the EURES portal: as they are specially marked as EURES jobs from Iceland.

More information and the EURES portal here

Multicultural Center - counseling and information

The Multicultural Center (MCC) provides counseling and information in connection with the issues of immigrants and refugees in Iceland.

MCC's goal is to enable every individual to become an active member of Icelandic society, no matter what their background is and where they come from.

The MCC website contains useful information on many aspects of daily life, rights, administration and services in Iceland and transport to and from Iceland.

You can request more information and assistance by contacting us at email addresses  or by phone (+354) 450-3090.


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