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International hiring process

Foreign nationals who come to work in the tourism industry have to apply for various licenses and rights. It is important to start applications on time because the process can take up to six months. Our guide makes the hiring process easier for managers and employees by explaining each step of the process.

Different rules apply to foreign nationals depending on whether they come from a member state within or outside the EEA / EFTA. It is important that employers know the process of hiring foreign staff so that they can inform the staff, guide them and ensure the normal progress of the hiring process. In this way, we ensure a good reception of foreign nationals in the Icelandic labor market.

To give employers an overview of what needs to be done and to facilitate access to information, the Tourism Competence Center, in collaboration with the Multicultural Center, SAF, ASÍ and tourism companies, has compiled guidelines for both parties to follow.

The material is available in several languages ​​and employers are encouraged to refer their foreign staff to it for information and preparation. Employers should also familiarize themselves with the material so that they can be of support and trust for new employees in the recruitment process.

Happy employees create a good reputation - here, there, and everywhere

The content of the instructions is downloaded / referred to pages: Alþingi, Arion Bank, ASÍ, the Central Bank of Iceland Financial Supervisory Authority, Multicultural Center, Iðunn Educational Center, Digital Iceland, Íslandsbanki, Landsbankinn, Sjúkratryggingar Íslands, Skattsinn, Skí, Stjórnráð Íslands, vinnumarkaðsvefs SA, The Directorate of Labor, the Directorate of Immigration and the National Registry of Iceland.

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