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Employee onboarding for managers

A clear onboarding process shortens the employee's adjustment time and encourages them to do good work for the benefit of the company.

Onboarding process step by step

Set up a process which ensures that employee onboarding and training takes place in an organized manner. Inform all staff members about the new hire before their first day at work, inform about their role and position in the workplace and urge the staff to welcome them in a polite and friendly manner.
The first day at work
Choose one or more members of your staff to train the new employee and to help them become a member of the team. It is ideal to choose a mentor who is positive, knows the tasks and the workplace well, is communicative and interested in teaching others.
Onboarding and training
Make sure that the new employee gets the required education and training so that they can fulfil their tasks. Give the new employee a comprehensive overview of the scheduled training, as this will make the new employee feel more secure. Vocational training funds provide funding for training.
Check-in with the new employee a few weeks after they started working. Follow-up on the training and how it has gone. Make sure that the employee receives the training they need.
Listening and feedback
Give the new employee attention, constructive feedback and opportunities for conversation (or regular staff interviews moving forward). How do they feel at work? How do they feel about their tasks? Does they have any questions?

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