A survey is an electronic analysis tool that makes it easier for companies to send out surveys to employees, such as a survey on the need for education or a job satisfaction survey. Kanna has ready-made templates in 12 categories and in three languages ​​that can be used. You can also create your own survey. Instructions for use are available on the site.

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What is Kanni?

A survey is a tool for companies to send out surveys among employees. Bound in Kanna are ready-made profiles prepared by the Tourism Competence Center that can be used.

Data security

Each user has their own encrypted database in Kanna. No outsider has access to that data, neither the Fitness Center nor the publisher of the tool. All surveys that are sent out are therefore the property of the sender and their responsibility.

Personal information

Personal information is information about a person who is personally identifiable or personally identifiable. An individual is considered personally identifiable if he or she can be personally identified, directly or indirectly, such as by reference to an identifier such as name, ID number, location data or online identifier that characterizes him or her.

All answers received by Kanna are not marked with any personal information. It is therefore not possible to trace the answers back to the respondent. The survey does not store any data about the recipients of the surveys and does not share any data with third parties.

The cookie does not rely on any cookies outside of the internal functionality of the site and therefore does not store any data on the use of the system.


A survey is a tool that is useful within companies. It is not permitted to use the Survey as a tool to send unrelated surveys to personal e-mail addresses that have not given permission to receive it. Such abuse is against the law and is the responsibility of the sender. If you suspect that Kanna is being abused, you can report it to us at hafni@haefek.is

Instructions for using Kanna


If you choose to exclude your email address from Kanna, you can enter your email address here:

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