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Educational grants

Companies can apply for grants for education and training from the vocational training funds of the business sector. Various options are available and you can read more about them in the common portal of the vocational training funds called Áttin

The direction

The vocational training funds of the business community have joined forces on the website Áttina, where there is detailed information about grants and application processes for education within your company.

Questions and answers

☐ Submit an application to the vocational training funds after the training has taken place

☐ Set up the following information in three documents:

  • Brief description of the course
  • Names, ID numbers and trade union membership of employees who attended courses
  • Copy of invoice and confirmation of payment. Invoices must not be older than 12 months.

If the group of employees (participants in the training) is spread over many unions, it may be necessary to check more than one fund in the application. Here is an overview of union membership (and thus members):

  • Countrymen workers in rural areas -SA,
  • Labor force Promotion, VSFK, Hlíf - SA,
  • Vocational Training Fund for Commerce and Office Workers (SVS) VR / LÍV -SA,
  • THEN,
  • Vocational Training Fund for Commerce (SV) VR / LÍV -FA,
  • Vocational Training Fund of the Association of Management Associations and SA
  • School of Electrical Engineering electricians

If you are applying for the first time, you fill in all the necessary information, both about the company and the project. The username and password are then created when you submit the application. The username will be the company's ID number and you will receive a password in the mail.

From two to 30 days. In some funds / centers, companies' applications for boards are processed and, as a result, processing can take longer. Fund / center board meetings are usually held once a month, so the maximum processing time is 30 days.

Some funds / sets calculate companies' entitlements to grants based on premium payments in recent months. It is best to contact the relevant fund / center if further information is required.

Some funds / sets set a requirement for a minimum period of membership in the funds (payment of premiums). It is best to contact the relevant fund / center if further information is required.

Payment is usually made a few days after the necessary supporting documents have been received, ie when the course / training has been held and a copy of the invoice has been received together with a list of participants with ID numbers and trade union membership.

Many funds support corporate education as companies use their own mentors. Companies are either directly funded or can apply for a reduced premium. An education plan must be available and the grant is always paid out after the education has taken place. The rules of the funds are quite different, so it is best to study the issues with the funds, for example WorkforceCountrymen, Vocational training fund for retail and office workers og Educational Fund of the Association of Management Associations.

An educational director on loan is a collaborative project of all the funds / centers. The project is based on lending human resources consultants, specialized in workplace education and non-formal education, to companies for a specific period of time. The consultant reviews the company's education and training issues and analyzes its needs in collaboration with management and staff. Based on the analysis, an education and lifelong learning plan is prepared, which lays the foundation for targeted education of employees. There are no expenses for the director of education. See more on the funds' websites and at

It is done on the website, Apply - button, check Educational Director on loan.

The School of Electrical Engineering and the IÐAN training center use the vocational training fee, which they receive for their members (craftsmen), to subsidize specialized training for the benefit of their members. Companies are encouraged to familiarize themselves with a selection of courses on websites School of Electrical Engineering og IÐUNN.

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