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8 tips for digital education

Various possibilities are available to companies and institutions in digital education. As with any other education, there are a number of important things to keep in mind when doing so. Managers who intend to choose digital education for their staff are here are 8 good tips to ensure success.


The education must meet the need for knowledge or training in the company. By analyzing needs, you gather information that can be used to find ways to improve staff performance. If there is no time for needs analysis, it is important to keep in mind that the training meets an obvious need. It often turns out to be good for instruction in short sessions, for example 20-60 minutes a day for 2-3 days. New cycles may follow the first ones.


Set clear goals for your education. Objective education has little effect. Examples of goals are to become better at answering customers' questions, deliver messages in a better and more efficient way, increase technical knowledge, and so on.


Make sure the content of the instruction is good. Only in this way will the education be effective. See, for example, Training in Hospitality here on the site. There you can also find educators who can help. Good YouTube videos can also be a source of education.


Make one employee responsible for the implementation of the training. The responsibility is to ensure that videos and other material are accessible and effective, that information about the training is clear and that staff receive support as needed.


Get staff to sign up for courses. With registration, staff show interest, but enthusiastic participants are more active and more results can be expected from the training.


Monitor the activity of employees in the study. Through a facebook group, you can, for example, make comments and ask questions.


Schedule an end and evaluate the results. When evaluating results, it is good to ask open-ended questions, for example, what did you find most interesting about the training? What will be useful to you at work?


Learn from the lesson. Did it work for the company? What was good and what can be done better next time?

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