6 Steps to Enhance Safety Culture

Leaders play a vital role in safety culture in the workplace. They set the tone for the company culture by setting an example for employees to follow safety policies and procedures, providing training when necessary, encouraging workers to exhibit safe work behaviours and attitudes on the job and rewarding workers who demonstrate good performance in this area, making the workplace safer for everyone.
The importance of safety culture is great

1. Simple and accessible procedures

2. Open communication

3. Employee participation

4. Promote incident reporting

5. Create a learning culture

6. Prioritize employee training

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Provide simple and assessable rules for handling hazards and guidelines for safety procedures

  • All employers are responsible for preparing a written workplace safety and health plan, regardless of its size. The Administration for Occupational Safety and Health administer this and provide further instructions
  • Anyone who plans to offer organized tours in Iceland must have a safety plan for their tours. The Icelandic Tourism Board provides guidance for creating tour safety plans.
  • Ensure that all employees familiarize themselves with safety procedures and emergency response plans.
  • It is recommended that important safety procedures and protocols are set up as visual instructions and put where staff can easily see them.   

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