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The digital transformation of tourism

Digital transformation is the ability of individuals, businesses and society to understand, use and benefit from digital technology. The travel industry has been at the forefront of digital transformation with the implementation of booking engines. Digital transformation is considered to be a key factor when it comes to competitive advantage and growth within the tourism industry, so we have put together ten good tips for small and medium-sized companies that are worth considering before deciding on a digital transformation.

1. Align digital transformation with existing company goals and strategies

Before making a decision on conversion, it is good to look at the current situation and whetherort set goals and strategy suitable the transformation. Does she agree now?spirit priorities or do you even need to re-evaluate goals and policies? It is recommended to worknger, be it financial or social, is the motivation for the decision on digital transformation. 

2. Make data central and accurate a priority

Data quality has a major impact on success when it comes to digital transformation. It is good to set a goal to join all data in one place for example CRM system. Real-time data supports informed decision-making and can increase efficiency and quality. 

3. Embrace change

A positive attitude towards change helps companies and their culture cope with the changes that come with digital transformation. Transparency and cooperation between departments/departments/staff is a benefit which has gladly analyze among the companies that have gone through implementation. Well-informed staff who know the company's strategy and goals is most likely to welcome change. 

4. Be ready for "Hybrid" staff

Big changes in composition can be expected of staff in the coming years. Today, four different generations work in the labor market with different needs and requirements to management and companies theirHis remote workers will become more visible in the coming years which decreases need of fixed establishmentum but increases the emphasis on security and information technology of companies. 

5. Get an expert to help

Small and medium-sized companies in the tourism industry aiming for digital transformation can searchthat to experts if the knowledge is not present within the company in evaluating which opportunities for growth and increased frationality lies in their operation we digital transformationu. Directors within the tourism industry eru tend to wear many hats, so it's good to consult an expert which supports the company while the transformation takes place. 

6. The workflow layer

Review of work processes looking for opportunities to automate them in total or that part  can reduce labor costs, increase accuracy and qualityi. 

7. Focus on sustainability during transformation

Green transformation involves the implementation of work processes that have a positive impact on the environment and/or society.  Energy savings are created for example by choosing solutions such as 5G over 4G, but about 90% minni energy efficiency is involved. Another way is to include options in work processes that have a positive effect, such as offering to afthanks cleaning immediately upon booking accommodation. 

8. Use a CRM system (Customer management system)

By having all the data related to your customers in one place, you can increase the quality and level of customer service. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with a CRM system you can have a more personal and "more fashionable” communication with customers. The artificial intelligence can predict purchasing behavior, improve the process of experience for customers and identified risk for example regarding payment methods. 

9. Embrace data-driven decision making 

High speed characterizes the tourism industry and changes in the operating environment happen quickly. To respond to changes it is necessary to have real-time data that supports dynamic decision-making. Price changes on booking machines intraday is an example of a fast environment, minhigh demand due to external conditions or canceled flights, all this affects operations and speed is of the essence in competition within the tourism industry. 

10. Invest in training

One of the most important aspects of a successful digital transformation journey is staff training. It is important to identify them digital skills possessed by staff and offer training which is missing. There is a large supply of seedsdigital transformation materials and in addition it can be good to consult an expert regarding advice on which training is suitable for your company. 

As a beginner in digital transformation, it is good to keep in mind that it is not just about new technology, but about implementing worthincreasing work processes, increase efficiency and contribute to increased interest. 

That is því important to stop and think about these ten points before making a decision digital transformation is taken.  

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