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Support material

Here you will find tools that facilitate recruitment and training needs analysis.
Do you want to strengthen the workplace with education and training for your staff? Contact us for free advice and support.
Here, managers can find tools to perform training analysis and set up a training plan.
Here you can find examples of job satisfaction surveys and educational surveys for staff.
A clear onboarding process shortens the employee's adjustment time and encourages them to do good work for the benefit of the company.
Foreign nationals who come to work in the tourism industry have to apply for various licenses and rights. It is important to start applications on time because the process can take up to six months. Our guide makes the hiring process easier for managers and employees by explaining each step of the process.
Resilience is the ability of individuals and groups to overcome adversity. We strengthen physical endurance if we exercise systematically and in the same way we strengthen mental strength if we train the resilient muscle. Resilience is not necessarily about hardening oneself with a smile on one's face through a difficult period, but about acknowledging difficulties but still finding inner motivation, hope and optimism to keep going. Here you will find good advice and exercises that will help you train your resilient muscle and be an encouragement to others.
Here you can find all the main information about the rules that apply in the Icelandic labor market.
Various possibilities are available to companies and institutions in digital education. As with any other education, there are a number of important things to keep in mind when doing so. Managers who intend to choose digital education for their staff are here are 8 good tips to ensure success.
Companies can apply for grants for education and training from the vocational training funds of the business sector. Various options are available and you can read more about them in the common portal of the vocational training funds called Áttin
It is important to prevent and respond quickly to harassment and violence in the workplace. Explore support materials for management and staff.

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