About us

The competence center works on the basis of the tourism industry in promoting competence and quality in the industry. The service is free of charge for companies and employees.

what do we do

  • The competence center develops educational and support materials for managers and staff in the tourism industry in collaboration with economic partners.
  • We provide advice and assistance to companies within the tourism industry in establishing education and training.
  • We work on the development of a study line for tourism in cooperation with the business world, education providers, secondary schools and universities.


The values ​​of the Fitness Center are: Professionalism - Cooperation - Solutions


  • To work on the basis of the tourism industry to strengthen the skills and professionalism of managers and staff and thus promote increased quality, a positive image and profitability of the industry. 
  • Identify educational needs, develop solutions, form relationships and increase collaboration on education and training.  
  • To promote effective education in accordance with the needs of the industry and make the benefits of it visible. 


  • The development of skills in tourism is based on criteria and in line with the needs and development of the industry and society.
  • Tourism is a desirable job platform where opportunities for career development are offered. 
  • The tourism industry has excellent qualified staff.

Staff coming from

Bryndís Skarphéðinsdóttir (on leave)


Haukur Harðarson

Project manager

Hildur Betty Kristjánsdóttir

Managing Director

Margaret Wendt


Olína Laxdal


Valdís Anna Steingrímsdóttir


Steering Committee

The steering committee of Hæfnisetur tourism includes representatives nominated by SAF, ASÍ, the Norwegian Tourism Agency, as well as the Ministry of Culture and Trade.


John Thor Skúlason SAF - The Icelandic Tourism Association


Aleksandra Leonardsdóttir SO

Elias Bj. Hostage son Icelandic Tourist Board

Sunna Þórðardóttir MMinistry of Trade and Industry

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