The operation

The Tourism Competence Center is a collaborative project between the social partners, educators and the government on comprehensive solutions and improvements to increase the skills and professionalism of tourism staff in Iceland. The fitness center is housed at the Icelandic Business Education Center and funded by the Ministry of Culture and Trade.

The role of the Competence Center is to offer companies a mapping of the needs for education, to provide study materials, including electronic education, and to develop methods for evaluating the results of education. The Competence Center, in collaboration with educators, upper secondary schools and universities, is also working on the development of a curriculum in the formal school system for the preparation of jobs in tourism. 

The fitness center operates on the basis of the tourism industry and in collaboration with stakeholders.

The values ​​of the Fitness Center are: Professionalism - Cooperation - Solutions


  • To work on the basis of the tourism industry to strengthen the skills and professionalism of managers and staff and thus promote increased quality, a positive image and profitability of the industry. 
  • Identify educational needs, develop solutions, form relationships and increase collaboration on education and training.  
  • To promote effective education in accordance with the needs of the industry and make the benefits of it visible. 


  • The development of skills in tourism is based on criteria and in line with the needs and development of the industry and society.
  • Tourism is a desirable job platform where opportunities for career development are offered. 
  • The tourism industry has excellent qualified staff.

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