Here you will find tools to help you send surveys to employees, a variety of measures to measure the success of education and a glossary of common words in tourism that can facilitate communication in the workplace.

Foreign staff - recruitment process

The professional and good reception of new staff is the key to a successful collaboration. It should be kept in mind that foreign nationals who come to Iceland to work must apply for a various permits and rights to get license to work here. Here are guidelines on the issue, for both employers and employees.

A survey is an electronic analysis tool that makes it easier for companies to send out surveys to employees, such as a survey on the need for education or a job satisfaction survey. Kanna has ready-made templates in 12 categories and in three languages ​​that can be used. You can also create your own survey. Instructions for use are available on the site.

Tourism glossary

It is a dictionary of common words and phrases used in the tourism industry that can facilitate communication in the workplace. You can choose a glossary for reception, cleaning and contact, kitchen, excursions and driving, entertainment and services in the hall. The glossaries are in three languages, but you can listen to the pronunciation of the words in Icelandic. 

The aquarium

The aquarium houses a collection of names of food fish used in the right restaurants. The goal is to strengthen staff in communication with guests and increase the quality of service to them. The names are in Icelandic, Latin, English, Polish and Spanish, but you can listen to the pronunciation of the words in Icelandic. Jón Hlíðberg is the author of the pictures.

Performance measures

To make it easier for managers to measure the success of education, the Tourism Competence Center has prepared a handy Excel document with a variety of criteria. In each tab you will find a short description of the relevant scale as well as information on how to measure and interpret the results. Users choose which criteria they want to use and can use the document to fill in their measurements. Instructions follow.

Curriculum - project document

When making an educational plan, various aspects need to be managed, such as courses / programs, costs, contacts and grants from vocational training funds. The document makes it easier for you to manage and helps you keep track of the project as a whole.

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