Guidelines and advice for companies in the era of Covid-19

Staff training and clear information to customers are crucial when meeting changing habits and needs. Here you will find instructions and good advice during the time of Covid-19. Most of the material has been translated into English and Polish.

To Recovery & Beyond

New report from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

Guidelines for tourism companies



Conversation with the customer

What is the travel behavior of Icelanders and how do they view the tourism industry in the future?

A tourist in his own country

How tourists are Icelanders and how will the tourism industry receive them? 

We caught a few tour operators talking.

Tourism in the time of Covid-19

Here are some travel tips about what they have done for their customers during the pandemic.

How can I avoid infection?

9 tips for tourism staff during the Covid-19 era. 

Following the recommendations reduces the risk of infection.

If a customer's illness is suspected

6 good tips for tourism staff on responding to possible illnesses. 

By responding, we show responsibility and at the same time consider our own safety.

Practical solutions - ready to use

Tourism glossary
Information about COVID-19
Digital education courses
The toolbox
Digital education - 8 tips
Hospitality training
Information from SAF regarding Covid-19
The Direction - Vocational Training Funds
Useful programs and apps for distance learning
The Fitness Center's Youtube channel
VR digital exercise bike

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