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Education for the future

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The managers of small and medium-sized tourism companies (<50 employees) are offered advice and assistance of up to 20 hours in establishing targeted education and training of staff.

The goal of Education for the Future is to support and empower company managers to take care of the educational analysis within the company themselves and to establish education and training for staff. The administrator will therefore be self-sustainable in analyzing, establishing and maintaining education - for the future.

The counseling may include, among other things:

• Analysis of training needs for the entire company

• Analyzes of training needs for specific jobs

• Organization of new recruit training, either for all new recruits or new recruits in certain jobs

• Support for career development conversations

• Training on the skills center's tools

The consultancy is supported by the vocational training funds of SVS, Srfafl and Landsmennt

1. Visit to a company

2. Agreement and grant application for the project

3. Analysis of educational needs

4. Educational plan and implementation of education

5. Follow-up

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The project managers of Hæfnisetur tourism contact and pay a visit to introduce the service. During the first visit, managers get an insight into the educational and support material available on, and are invited to participate in the project Education for the Future. 

When the decision to participate is made, Hæfnisetrit presents a selection of project managers and connects the company and the selected project manager.

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