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Cooperation on Education mornings in tourism

The tourism education mornings have so far been a joint project of Hæfnisetur tourism and the Norwegian Tourism Association (SAF). Now the Hæfnisetrið and SAF have joined forces with the Marketing Offices of the regions, and Menntamorgnarnir is now a joint project of these three parties. Tourism education mornings are held regularly to communicate what is at the top of the agenda regarding the competence and quality of the industry in Iceland. 

It is a real pleasure to have the Marketing Offices of the regions involved in the cooperation. The collaboration strengthens the impact of educational mornings, but the marketing agencies have a good insight into the needs of companies in each part of the country, and the education can reach a wider group when everyone works together to communicate the event to managers in the tourism industry.  

Education morning April 10 at 9-9.45 

The theme of the next Education Morning is preparation for the season - recruitment and the Z generation. Among other things, it will cover what managers need to keep in mind when it comes to labor market issues and hiring summer workers, how to hold a successful job interview and follow up with new recruits, as well as brainstorming about the changing needs of the new generation and how to meet them.  

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