Cooperation on the implementation of a study line in tourism

The first meeting of the partners on studies in tourism was held in Akureyri last September. The main topic of the meeting and the collaboration is the implementation of a study program in tourism that is in the certification process at the National Institute of Education.

The course is intended for people who work in the tourism industry or who see it as a possible career in the future. It is assumed that the program will also be adapted to people with a mother tongue other than Icelandic. It is expected that the program will start in the fall of 2023 and that it will mostly take place digitally so that students will be as little as possible tied to the location of educational institutions in the country. Furthermore, it is expected that assessment will be included in the study line, including people who have worked in the tourism industry.

The goal of the collaboration is, among other things, that the study takes place in cooperation with secondary education, secondary schools with a direct connection to further studies at university level. SÍMEY leads the partnership in collaboration with the Vocational School of Akureyri (VMA), the University of Hólum, the Tröllaskaga College of Education (MTR), the Tourism Association (SAF), the Vocational Training Center (FA) and the Norwegian Center for Tourism.

The program begins with the core (40 credits) and after that there is a choice between specializations (50 credits). To begin with, you will be able to choose three specializations, mountaineering, reception and catering. Trainees can therefore graduate with a professional certificate in the relevant specialization after 90 credits (qualification level 2) and/or continue their studies even while working and graduate with a professional certificate after 160 credits (qualification level 3). It is also planned that there will be an easy way into tourism-related studies at (vocational) university level for those interested. This arrangement is in accordance with the wishes of the working world for practical and step-by-step learning.

If you would like more information about the study line, contact us at Hæfnisetrin ( or phone 5991400)

At the meeting, from left to right: Jóhannes Þór Skúlason (SAF), Hildur Bettý Kristjánsdóttir (FA and Hæfnisetur turtastønstønsinn), Valgerður Þ. E. Guðjónsdóttir (Faculty of Tourism and Qualification), Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir (University of Hólum), Haukur Harðarson (FA and Qualification of Tourism), Diljá Helgadóttir (MTR), Valgeir B. Magnússon (Símey), Helgi Þ. Svavarsson (Símey) and Ómar Kristinsson (VMA).

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