Employee onboarding

Staff who receive targeted training when they have jobs are more likely to adapt well to their work and meet guests' needs with excellent service. Here you can find educational materials for workplace training and support materials that facilitate the reception of new staff.

Recruitment process for foreign staff

Foreign nationals who come to work in the tourism industry have to apply for various licenses and rights. Our guide makes the hiring process easier for managers and employees by explaining each step of the process.


Goodtoknow.is is an information and educational website for front-line staff in the tourism industry, which makes it easier for staff to provide tourists with reliable and useful information.

About the Tourism Center of Excellence

The Tourism Skills Center creates educational and support materials for managers and staff in the tourism industry with the aim of promoting skills and quality in the industry. Our service is free of charge for companies and employees.

Educational material

A wide range of tools for managers and staff to improve competence and quality.

Supporting material

Tools that facilitate recruitment and training needs analysis.

Studies and courses

Overview of studies and courses for managers and staff in the tourism industry.

"Score on booking.com went from 7.9 to 8.3 in less than six months after targeted education."

Kristján Jóhann Kristjánsson, hotel manager at Hotel Kletti

Practical tools for the tourism industry


Employee onboarding for managers

Employee onboarding

Recruitment process for foreign staff

Performance measures

Vocabulary lists


Time to start recruiting foreign staff?

2 Feb 2023
The booking status of the tourism industry certainly promises good things for next year, and the likelihood of fierce competition for qualified staff is high. In order to succeed, you need to think early on about hiring staff and providing them with good training. If you want to read more about this topic, you can read the news from Visi.is in its entirety here.

Open meetings for the tourism industry

31 Jan 2023

Mannamót Market Hall of the regions

18 Jan 2023

"If it weren't for targeted education, we simply wouldn't be competitive."

Geir Kristinn Aðalsteinsson, human resources manager at Höldi


Do you want to know more about our tools and hear experiences from the tourism industry? Here you can find various videos about education, training and recruitment.

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Tourism glossary
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Diversity and cultural competence
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Education talk: Disclosure, safety and responsibility
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Educational chat: Good service
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Education talk: Foreign staff
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Welcoming new staff: 5 tips

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